Knoxville Tennessee Estate Planning Attorney Preparing Living Wills

A living will lets you make decisions regarding the end of your life in advance. It not only ensures your wishes will be heard, but also protects your loved ones from having to make these difficult, deeply personal choices for you.

Having a living will drafted by an experienced, competent Tennessee attorney ensures your document meets statutory requirements when you are unable to speak for yourself. A living will can also specify your choices on palliative care, organ donation and body disposal.

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Ask us how you can have our firm prepare this document for FREE! We understand how important estate planning is and we want you to come in and discussed your needs and wishes so we can ensure that you have the proper protection in you later years. It is all too often that we see clients who have spent money on online wills, online power of attorneys, online living trusts or online living wills and the documents are invalid or improperly prepared and/or executed. Our team will ensure the money you spend on these critical documents is well spent and that they stand up in Court or with your financial or medical institutions.