After meeting my attorney, I felt he was an honest - down to earth fellow that would do the best job he could for me. Up front, serving my best interests with honesty and integrity. He gave his honest best advise always and prepared me well in the case I needed to go to trial for. Thank you so much for the Chiropractor referral to and making sure he treated me well.  December, 2013
Robert B. Holsenback
The Law Office has moved our case step by step and will always send us a copy of correspondence and keep us updated regularly. They worked for us in a very professional manner. This group is very detailed and will work to win the case. 1/2013
Colorado Abell
I retained Mital D. Patel to represent me in an immigration matter. I was reluctant at first since I was out of state but Mrs. Patel came highly recommended and so I decided to go with her rather than a local attorney. I am glad I did because my case was handled with prompt attention by a detail oriented and knowledgeable attorney. I was able to get quick results at an affordable price. I also appreciated the friendly manner in which I was treated and the attorney’s willingness to answer all my questions and give me detailed explanations when requested. I have and will continue to recommend her to family and friends with the utmost confidence. 05/2009
Jay A. Lad
Ms. Mital D. Patel is a highly effective, extremely efficient attorney who has the ability to take any situation and make you feel at ease. She has earned my full faith and trust and I am grateful (and if you work with her you will be also) that she is my advocate. I will use her exclusively for all legal matters and I highly recommend her to any and all. 09/2011
Billy Bryant
It is my privilege, pleasure and honor to recognize Mrs. Mital Patel, Attorney at Law, for her outstanding legal services.  As her client, I was extremely impressed with her professionalism, her integrity and her expertise in the administration of her duties.  I take great pride in acknowledging Mrs. Patel for her professional accomplishments. Respectfully, 12/2011
Brenda Hightower
I first came to the firm because there was an attorney that was also an ER Physician and held both his medical and law license. Since then they have represented me over a period of 10 years in several different cases and Dr. Carter has also assisted in my cases. My attorney has helped me with my divorce, car wreck and the attack in my home from a neighbors pitbull. He has become like family to me and I would definitely use his service again. , 4/2012
Tara Chasteen, 4/2012
The attorneys were very professional, knew what it took to win the case, collected a lot of material to be able to win the case and were well prepared. 5/2012
Kelsey Wells
The attention to detail that Mital gave to us is certainly commendable and above and beyond our expectation. I will refer my closed friends and relatives for her service. 7/2012
Mr. Randall Travis Mcgill